E.R.S.U. Sassari is the Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education in Sassari. It offers services to students and newgraduates of the university of Sassari and higher art and music institute in Sassari, to foreign students and new graduates on international mobility and research programmes, and to researchers and professors from other universities or Italian or foreign research institutes.

E.R.S.U Sassari offers economic support for certain students chosen through competitions, such as study grants, accommodation services, contributions various (extraordinary, for international mobility programmes, etc.), information technology services, accompaniment for disabled students,  catering services.




Rights to study sector

Cultural activities and communication



competition contribute

Announcement: July/August


Scholarships are the principal economic benefit given by ERSU. The scholarship amount is composed by a money import and a set of services of free usage like the canteen and the accommodation.

The scholarship is given, via public competition to the students in particular economic conditions and worthiness, described by the annual competition announcement and according to the D.P.C.M. (9 of April 2001).  To the competition can participate the students who are regularly subscribed for the accomplishment of the first study title to the degree courses, master degree, second level master degree, research doctorate and specialization schools of Sassari university, academy of fine arts, music conservatory and college of religious sciences.

To participate the students must fill in the online requests found on the website www.ersusassari.it

The certification about the reddit and the worthiness are yearly ascertained by the corporation.



competition contribute

announcement:January/ February


It’s about contributes, established by regional funds for the cost reduction of the rental fee. The service is for resident students born or living in Sardinia,  subscribed  to specialization schools of Sassari university, academy of fine arts, music conservatory and college of religious sciences and having a rental contract regularly registered for a period not lower than ten months in the current academic year.

The contribute can be renewed for the equivalent period of the legal duration of the course of study. The benefit is given via public competition to the students who have special requirements of worthiness and reddit who did not benefit of the scholarship and/or of the accommodation in the same academic year to participate the students must fill in the online request accessing to the website and then sending the paper documentation and the request regularly signed to the offices of the right to study-cultural activities.



competition contribute



The extraordinary aid is an intervention to fix situations of particular or exceptional economic disadvantage of the student which can impede or compromise the following of the studies.

The contribute has extraordinary function and can only be assigned once in the whole academic career; furthermore it’s not compatible with  the scholarship or other benefits of ERSU.

The students who can participate are ones subscribed to the university of Sassari, academy of fine arts, music conservatory who satisfy the requirement established by the announcement and who show the documentation which ascertains the difficulty.

The announcement of competition is posted yearly on the website of the corporation.

The requests, regularly signed and ascertained, must be shown in the offices of the sector right to study-cultural activities.











accommodation sector and

services to the students


Residential services

competition contribute

announcement: July/August    


ERSU offers four dorms located in strategic points in Sassari: near academic departments and well-connected with public transport the opportunity of staying there is given to those capable and worthy students without means who won the competition yearly announced by ERSU in July/August (announcement scholarship and residential services).

According to the convention with university of Sassari the students who take part to the projects of international mobility have access to the accommodation.

In case of disponibility of not assigned accommodation or made free from the first recipients any students without requirement of reddit  and worthiness can use with a request, the accommodation according to the costs established by the c.d.a. of the corporation (see the institutional site to the section residential services- out of the competition students and other students- costs accommodation).

Residences are, furthermore, created to welcome disabled student and eventual tutors and they give a service of reception desk  24/7. The internet connection  is given in some residences via wifi, in others via wired internet connection.

Except from the dorms ERSU has three apartments in the center of the city of Sassari.

For more informations it is possible to consult the announcement and the guidelines of the accommodation posted on the website www.ersusassari.it in the section residential services.





This residence was inaugurated in 1964 and it’s the oldest of the four. It can welcome maximum 106 students in recently restored rooms, with a private bathroom telephone and fridge. In the entry there is a big studying room used also for manifestations and events;

In the hall there are snack and drink machines while on the first floor there is the kitchen and nursery.




Recently built residence, it can welcome up to 144 students in double or single rooms with a private bathroom, fridge, telephone and kitchen on the same floor. At the entry there are the computer room,studying room, painting room and snack and drink machines.




This residence is the biggest of ERSU and it offers 237 accommodations divided in single or double rooms with private bathroom, telephone, fridge and kitchen on the same floor. In the hall there are the computer room and the reading room and snack and drink machine. The residence hosts also the offices of the accommodation sector and the right to study-cultural activities. On the outside of the residence there is a parking place for bicycles and motorbikes only for students.






This residence, inaugurated in 2012 is located in the city center in a building  of high artistic value restored carefully and located in the heart of the historical center of the city. It offers 41 accommodations divided in double and single rooms which comprehend telephone, fridge and private bathroom. Both in the entry and on the differents floors there are lots of common spaces for the students.






canteen sector, warehouse and quality control



Canteen services

Service for students

ERSU guarantees catering services in different locations and lets students the access to low prices  meals. The service is for all the students subscribed to the university of Sassari, academy of fine arts and the music conservatory. The canteen services can also be used by teachers and staff of the university of Sassari, erasmus students and other students of other universities who are here for studying.  From september 1st it is possible to fill in the online request on the institutional site of  ERSU- home page- students reserved area.

Following the modalities shown in the section “catering service” on the same website, to use the service it is necessary to show a paper copy of the online request, regularly signed and with the related documentation attached, by the canteen card release office situated in the universitary residence “A. Fontana” in via coppino n°4 in Sassari city ERSU offers the catering service via to canteens direct managed.

It offers a high-quality food and it has a various menu comprehending traditional recipes, gluten free meals, vegetarian and vegan meals.



It’s the biggest canteen, with 450 seats, located in one of the city center streets and near to lots of departments of the university of sassari.

Recently restored, is composed of a hall on the ground floor where there is the cash register and of the first floor where there’s the dining room.




The canteen is inside the historical and namesake dorm and it has 150 seats. On the entrance of the canteen there’s the cash machine where it is possible to collect the canteen card







Right to study sector, cultural activities and communication




Contributes for cultural and recreation activities

Service for the students

Announcement: until March 31st of every year

ERSU promotes the realization of educational cultural and social activities in academic sector for the interest  and involvement of the students.

Universitary associations and academics groups( composed at least of 30 students) can propose activities until March 31st of every year filling in the forms and consulting the guidelines published on the website of the corporation.



Service for the students

Announcement: until March 31st

The contribute aims to promote journeys and study journeys in places, museum, agencies and researching centers of particular utility for the professional and cultural education of the students requests must be presented by the departments of Sassari university, by the academy of fine arts and by the conservatory. The responsible teacher must propose a detail project of the travel and the list of the students.

The deadline for the presentation is set on 31st of March of every year the modalities to participate can be found on the guidelines on the website of the corporation.



Service for the students

ERSU promotes and organizes directly some cultural events. In collaboration with ANDISU, they organize manifestations that involve students from other university. In 2015 ERSU took part at a national event “the white night for the right to study” through the organization of meetings and debates and a extemporary  painting  performance which involved the students of academic of fine arts of Sassari.

In these years have been organized different activities inside the residences: photography classes, drama classes, self-defense classes and meetings with characters from the theatre world, cinema and music.



Service for the students

ERSU promoted the participation of  students in cultural city life even through the theatre ticket reduction of  the main events of the city theatres. The programme and the related benefits are regularly posted on the website of the corporation.

To participate the students must be regularly subscribed in the current academic year at the university, academic of fine arts, music conservatory or be erasmus students. The interested students can request directly to the sector of the right to study and cultural activities according to a form given by the corporation,



Service for the students


ERSU, though a convention with C.U.S., promotes the sport practice with the free access at the academic implants situated in “San Giovanni” and the participation, with reductive costs, to activities set by C.U.S. by the city implants (swimming classes, gymnastic classes, fencing classes, athletics, football tournaments, soccer, basketball, etc..)

To access to the implants and to participate at the activities it is necessary to have the card released by C.U.S.

For the students out of office it is possible to have a medical certification of sport suitability by the medical clinic in the academic residence via P. Manzella.






Right to the study sector, cultural activities and communication



Service for the students

From years has been active a convention between ERSU and ATP (agency of public transports) to reduce the cost of the annual pass for the public transports. Every year the corporation,  based on available resources gives the students a certain number of passes.

To access to the services the students must be regularly subscribed to the university of Sassari, academy of fine arts and conservatory and must have a certification Isee.

The documentation must be presented directly to ATP according to the modalities yearly established with the corporation.



Service for the students

ERSU gives  to students the opportunity of a part-time paid collaboration by its structures and services for 150 hours.

Sassari university yearly publishes the announcement of competition to participate to collaboration and their relative graded list.

ERSU requests to university the list of the involved students by their structures and provides to activate the contract and the insurance.



Service for the students

ERSU along with the university of Sassari and the academic hospital agency (AOU) grants to the students out of office subscribed to the university a free health-care service by the outpatient clinic in via Manzella in the clinic it is possible to have an health check for the certificate of suitability to play sports and the certificate of suitability for community life requested by the offices for the assignation of the accommodation.

Certificates are released by the doctor whether for reward or free. The clinic service is active by the residence in via padre Manzella during the following days and hours: from Monday to friday from 4 pm to 6 pm.



According to the regional law n°21 of August 12 1997 and the following modification it is established the regional tax for the right of academic study has a contribute of the independent region of Sardinia aiming the increase of funds to give scholarships and loans to capable and worthy students without means.

The students subscribed to the university of Sassari, academy of fine arts, music conservatory have the right not to pay the regional tax if their family have a gross total income, according to IRPEF, not higher than 25,000 euros.



Service for the students

Those who accomplished the qualification to perform profession, must pay the qualification tax to the region where they graduated. Imports vary according to the university where the students studied.

For the university of sassari the payment is of 5.20 euros to be fulfilled by any branch or agency of the corporation treasurer. The references and the casual can be found on the website of the corporation.

The competent office for the state exams to which can be asked information and to which must be shown the documentation is the student's secretary management office-state examination via Macao, 32 Sassari

For more information visit the website:




ERSU has numerous rooms, inside the residences, which can be used for manifestations and conventions.

The interested can visit the website of the corporation under the voice “other services” to learn the guideline and the prices, or to ask more information to the secretary.



Since some years ERSU has created a convention with the university of Sassari for the purchase of books for students who want to accomplish an academic studying title.

The students of the home-district of Sassari or the house of imprisonment of Alghero, Tempio and Nuoro.